Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: PAGES CLAIRES

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The name "Pages Claires" is protected and any related domain names. Use of this firm's name without Arysée's authorization constitutes gross misconduct and will be prosecuted.

This site aims to make available to its users the list of professional contacts of both Congo (DRC and RPC) contained in Pages Claires. Use of this site implies acceptance of the terms of service as described herein.

Cabinet Arysée in his capacity as editor, defines and agrees the list of contacts included in this directory of professionals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC Kinshasa) and Republic of Congo (PRC). The decision to publish the registration of a professional subscriber belongs exclusively to the Cabinet Arysée.

All rights reserved worldwide.

Reproduction in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever without the prior written consent of the Cabinet Arysée is unlawful and constitutes a forgery giving rise to major penalties.

To respect the privacy of professionals, to fight against spam and illegal collection of personal data, access to the service of Pages Claires Directory is limited to a manual operation and use of any robot is prohibited. Include illegal use of automatic service for constitutions of commercial databases and automated exploration of email addresses.
Cabinet Arysée is the only producer of its database, accessible on the site, whose sole owner.

By accessing this site, you acknowledge that the data is legally protected, you will refrain from extracting, reusing, storing, reproducing, representing or keeping, directly or indirectly in any medium by any means and in any form whatsoever, all or any qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the site you are accessing and to make the extraction or repeated and systematic reuse of qualitatively and quantitatively not substantial when these operations clearly exceed normal conditions of use .

It is for any user to use data that are proposed by conducting any audit under his exclusive responsibility.

The firm Arysée and its brand Pages Claires, to the extent permitted by applicable regulations, can not be held responsible for the content of information disseminated to users.

It is also noted that the results appearing in a directory search, are under the exclusive control of the companies that created them or offer them and do not belong to Pages Claires.

Pages Claires can not be held responsible for any transmission trouble, time connections or, more generally, any network disruption.

  • Protection of privacy

The data controller is implemented Cabinet Arysée.
The basic listings are submitted to Cabinet Arysée by electronic communications operators, businesses, various institutions, official sources and official investigators and interviewers.
Any dispute or claim relating to the contents of these entries must be made directly with the source identified and involved.

You have the opportunity to object on legitimate grounds to be included in a file.
Any legal or natural person may refuse, without justification, that her data being used for marketing purposes, especially commercial.

Any person proving his identity has the right to question the head of a file or a treatment to see if it has information on it, and if necessary to obtain communication.

You can correct, complete, update, lock or delete data concerning tenfold through undetected errors, inaccuracies or presence of data collection, use, disclosure or storage is prohibited.

  • Prospecting and exploration illegal advertising

In regards to the rights of companies registered as opposed to direct marketing operations and disposal, the use for commercial or public dissemination of data downloaded from is formally prohibited, on pain of heavy penalties.

  • Business Contacts

To meet the needs of commercial businesses, the company Cabinet Arysée and in particular the site can legally acquire data from directories of professionals from both Congo Pages Claires

  • Personal data

Users can be invited to leave their contact details and email address.
The form is then accompanied by a check box to accept or reject these data are reused or sold to third parties (business partners). If accepted, the firm Arysée reserves the right to submit relevant information to users or commercial offers.
In addition, the site uses cookie technology to establish audience statistics. A cookie does not identify the user, however, it records information on its site navigation (pages consulted, date and time of visit, etc ....) to be read during subsequent visits.

We inform you that you can object at any time to accept cookies or warn you before accepting cookies by configuring your browser options.

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