Pages Claires : the best professional search engine in the both CONGO !

Pages Claires Congo is a directory to find professionals contact and business information,: this innovative website aims ultimately to bring all the professionals (Congolese and foreign) of the two Congos, the Demoratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa)

Updated daily, the site is characterized by its comprehensiveness and richness of its editorial content.

This site designed by the Cabinet Arysée - specialized in communication, direct marketing and e-marketing - is resolutely the largest business directory in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of the Congo. It was developed in Kinshasa (DRC) by teams Tikdem technologies.

Figuration in our site is free for all economic actors of Congo-Kinshasa/Brazaville identified as such in the commercial register. Corporations (lawyers, pharmacists, architects, doctors and others) are subject to verification before any supported inclusion to, and this, to avoid the charlatans who would harm the performance of real professionals.

Pages Claires helps greatly to the visibility of the professionnals of two Congos by offering attractive options on its site. These options are cheap, and include for example: web address, logo, marketing message, another mobile number, landline number, fax and other.

The solution proposed by is a real means of communication for any organization wishing to "smooth out" its reputation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and outside their borders.

Pages Claires also offers in e-marketing: web design, location database, targeted market research (on land and / or phone), e-mailing and SMS mailing. To do this, contact PagesClaires Diffusions

The name "Pages Claires" and the innovative concept behind it, are subject to a filing with the Ministry of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Congo (DRC) in Kinshasa.

Any violation of this deposit, using the name "Pages Claires" identity theft by a third party - legal or natural person - will be subject to severe legal action.

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